Perhaps his hair will be grey when he wakes up

De and the little person went shopping this afternoon and I am waiting for them to come back. It is the little person’s birthday on Wednesday. He will be nine years old! That is a lot older than me. I wonder if he will look older or be taller? Perhaps his hair will be grey when he wakes up. Hmm, birthdays are good in some ways but it does mean you are a year older.

I expect that De will allow him to choose one gift when they are out but all the others will be a surprise. De and the tall person bought one of his gifts yesterday and hid it on top of a tall wardrobe. The little person is little so he can’t reach it there but if he grows each year we will need taller wardrobes!

My birthday is on 11 October and it will be my first. My friends on Facebook have birthdays every day and I always look forward to wishing them a very happy day and hearing all about their celebrations (and treats). I hope my friends remember it is my birthday in October.