I use my tail as a rudder!

The forest I went to this evening is in the mountains that surround Tbilisi. It is high up and has amazing views of the city. It is also often windy. In this ‘action’ picture you can see that I have my nose in the wind and have streamlined my furry body to present the most aerodynamic shape. I use my tail as a rudder!

We walked for a long time, enjoying the fresh air and the scent of the pines. De got tired first, probably because she associates pine scent with relaxing bubble baths. I suggested that she lean on me and have a little rest.

The relaxing scent of the pines then affected me and I had to have a little lie down.

The tall person does not use bubble bath so was immune to the relaxing scent of the pines so he went off to photograph things. He found a lovely butterfly but it was so windy that he couldn’t really get a good shot but I have included a picture because it was a very beautiful butterfly.

On the way back we saw a rainbow! Actually, it was half a rainbow. I don’t know what happened to the other half.

The sun began to set as we headed for home. We were tired but it was a perfect ending to a perfect walk.

I have eaten bones bigger than him!

I’m just back from this evening’s walk. We left a little earlier because we decided to go to another forest that is a little further away but still only twenty minutes walk. On the way, I passed the little barking, snarling dog that lives near me. He is so ‘brave’ and always hides under a car to bark at me. The tall person took a picture of this fearsome beast. Silly dog, does he realise that I have eaten bones bigger than him!

A little further on we passed one of my favourite dogs in the neighbourhood. It is a Caucasian Shepherd and he always pokes his head out and says hello.

I had all of this excitement before I had even reached the forest!