Not all Caucasian Shepherds look the same!

We are very lucky because we live near a forest that is only ten minutes walk from our house. I went there today for an early evening walk. I had to pass some noisy and agressive dogs on the way back but it was worth it because I love to stretch my legs in the forest.

I had a great time but on the way back I passed one house that had a huge yard but their dogs were outside and went crazy when they saw me. I never bark at other dogs or show any aggression so it surprises me when they growl and bark at me. One came close to my heels snarling and growling, which I didn’t like. The tall person knew that I might react so he stepped between me and the dog and we walked calmly on. I noticed that the owner had come out of his house and did nothing to control his dogs. I cannot understand why people don’t take responsibility. They are the first people to complain if their dog gets bitten as I was to find out further along the track when we passed another house whose owners were standing outside their yard door. I was on the lead and the tall person said a friendly ‘gamarjoba’, which is Georgian for hello. Immediately, one of them accused me of recently savaging their dog! De was furious and told them not to be so stupid. I waited calmly.

Their dog had obviously had a run in with a Caucasian Shepherd and although I have some sympathy I have no doubt that it had been allowed to roam the neighbourhood, as had the Caucasian Shepherd.

4 thoughts on “Not all Caucasian Shepherds look the same!

    • Yes, some of these dogs are dangerous. Where I live there are a number of semi-wild dogs that roam the streets in packs. They are usually smaller than me and although they make a lot of noise when they see me they rarely bother me but it’s not very pleasant 😦

  1. Jen walks me on a lease like De walks you, but some neighbors here also let their dog roam. Jen worries that one of those dogs might run out in front of a car trying to come say hello…. but she worries about many things.

    • I think the dogs that roam the streets are usually very streetwise Rumpy, or they don’t live that long. It’s dogs like us that are in danger if we are off the lead, that’s why De and the tall person are very careful with me.

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