Girl time

Earlier in the week my friend Lovely Lynlee shared some girl time with her friend Kathy and it reminded me that De and me should spend more quality time together. We are both usually so busy – De looks after the ‘big dog’ (tall person) as well as me and the other puppy (little person) and the very demanding Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot and I……well, I am usually busy sleeping!

So this morning we both made time in our busy schedule to sit together and have a chat. The boys were out so we were not disturbed by constant shouts of ‘minda!’, which means ‘I want!’

4 thoughts on “Girl time

  1. Right now, I’m kinda liking having my own space (Mum likes to give me kisses – GROSS), but I like the sound of “girl’s time”. Thanks for the inspiration, Bassa!

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