Meet Mr. Bombora

I am just back from my evening walk and have drunk lots of water and feel refreshed enough to tell you about a very special encounter. I was on my way home when suddenly a dog turned a corner straight into my path. I stopped and we looked at each other. De held tight to my lead and the man with the other dog held tight to his. We weren’t allowed to go near each other but I heard the man say to De that the dog’s name is Bombora and he is a three year old Georgian Caucasian male. He is a magnificent dog, pure white and tall. De told the man about me and the tall person took some photos so that I could share them with you.

A small crowd gathered to look at the two of us, which was nice.

Zen and the art of chewing

The little person likes Pringles chips and so do I. He eats the chips and I eat the packaging! Actually, I don’t eat it I just chew it.

As I was dismantling the Pringles tube it struck me that I spend a lot of time chewing things. Why? I am not like a hamster that has to chew to keep its growing teeth manageable. So why do I chew? Hmm, I continued to chew as I contemplated this big question and then it struck me. Chewing is the canine equivalent of meditation. When I chew, everything around me becomes quiet and calm (and a little wet from all the slobber).

I asked the tall person about this and he told me that chewing does help with focus and concentration. That’s why chewing gum is so popular. Hmm, I don’t think a little piece of gum would satisfy my chewing needs.

Do what I do, empty the chips from a Pringles tube, start chewing on the tube and before you know it all of your cares and worries will slip away!