The weather girl

I asked the tall person what the weather will be like tomorrow. I was thinking that if it is not too hot we could go to the forest. The tall person pulled his cell phone from his pocket, looked at it and declared that it will be hot and sunny. And the next day? Hot and sunny. And the next day. Hot and sunny. Hmm, I have a number of questions. How does his cell phone know what the weather will be like without going outside and looking at the sky? Intrigued, I looked upwards to see if I could see what the cell phone saw but all I could see was the toy room ceiling.

How does the tall person know that his cell phone is telling the truth? I asked him if his cell phone ever got it wrong and he said yes. Sometimes, his cell phone has said it was going to be sunny but it rained and he got very wet. I asked him how he felt about that and he said he felt very wet. Ha, ha!

Hmm, I don’t trust that cell phone at all. Aside from getting the weather wrong it sometimes wakes me up with its loud noise and the tall person often spends lots of time talking to it. Frankly, I am a little jealous but also concerned that he might catch a cold because of its inaccurate weather forecasts.

Tall person, when you want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow don’t ask your cell phone – do what shepherds do – look up at the sky and remember – red sky at night; shepherds delight. Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning. I am a shepherd and that is what I do. By the way, the sky is red tonight so it will be sunny and hot.

5 thoughts on “The weather girl

  1. Ruger is perfectly certain that we don’t need our GPS – as you will remember from the post he wrote about it, so he will very likely agreee with you about the cellphone and the weather. (I can’t ask him at the moment, as he is at the vet having a sleep while the Tooth Fairy cleans his teeth. )

    lots of love to you

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