With love from Georgia

On this evening’s walk we found a heart painted on the road so we sat in it and thought of our friends and family.

I asked the tall person why someone would paint a heart in the road and he said that maybe someone wanted to show a special person how much they loved them. I thought about that for a while and then asked why, if lots of people love each other, are there not more hearts painted on the road? He smiled and after a few moments he said, ‘You are right Bassa. The roads should be covered with hearts’.

It was bright orange!

You may remember that I discovered an urban oasis on a recent walk, which saved me because I was hot and very thirsty. I did not want to be unprepared again so I talked with the tall person and he briefed me on desert survival skills. I know that Tbilisi is not situated in a desert and has a big river running through the middle of it but in the long hot summer its streets can be very dry and dusty for a hot dog!

The tall person told me that we should walk in the shade and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. All Georgians do this as a matter of course and will always walk on the shady side of the street. I have noticed that only tourists walk in the fierce sunlight – that’s one way to spot a tourist! I have also noticed that people waiting for a bus will huddle together beneath the shade of a tree and only dash out into the hot sun when the bus comes.

Okay, what else? Well, we should avoid going for a walk when the sun is at its hottest. Ah, that’s why we go for walks in the morning and in the evening. Okay. We should always carry water. Definitely! Anything else?  Yes, I should check the color of my urine. Hmm, I haven’t heard that one before. Apparently, a light color means I am drinking enough water, a dark color means I need to drink more. The tall person told me that he always used to check for this when he was travelling in hot places, such as Africa. He said he really panicked once. He was travelling in a very dry part of Ethiopia and noticed that his urine was bright orange! He had become dehydrated but he drunk lots of water and was okay.

You may have noticed from the pictures in this post that I have heeded the tall person’s advice. I am relaxing in the garden, in the shade of a tree, I have checked the colour of my urine (clear) and I have my own portable 8 litre oasis close to me. Ah, the joys of summer. All I need now is a good book – to chew, not read!