I am just back from my evening walk and have lots to tell you. Early in the walk I met a lovely black poodle. She was much smaller than me but was not afraid to come up and say hello. She was very nice. I then met a pack of four street dogs. There are a number of these packs in the neighbourhood and they can be a bit of a problem but this particular pack ran away when they saw me. On the way back I met two little dogs who are a bit of a nuisance. They live a couple of streets from my home and whenever they see me they growl and snarl but they always hide under a car to do it! I have always ignored them, which I think makes them more angry knowing that I am walking with impunity through ‘their’ territory. Well, little dogs, I have news for you – I am a Caucasian Shepherd and this is my territory and if I ever choose to bark at you I am sure you will never forget it.

Anyway, the highlight of my evening walk was the discovery of a Soviet era Pobeda car. The little person was very excited. He told me that Pobeda means victory and the Pobeda car was made in the Soviet Union just after the second world war ended and continued to be made until 1958. The one we saw this evening was not in very good condition but the little person said that if it was restored it would sell for a lot of money. Wow!

3 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. It makes me laugh when dogs growl at me and pretend to be tough guys when they’re behind a gate or on a leash then they don’t say anything when they meet me face to face, over the fields.

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