I love my vet and he loves me

My vet came to see me this evening. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with me. It was just an injection and I don’t mind those because the tall person says that it is medicine that keeps me safe. My vet’s name is Paata and he is very kind and patiently waits until I have calmed down because I always get excited when I see him.

When we had finished the ‘business’ side of things we sat at the top of the stairs and chatted for a while. He has such an interesting job and gets to meet all sorts of animals and help them when they are sick. What a great job!

I asked De to take a picture of us so I could introduce Paata to all of my friends. You can see from the pictures that I love my vet and he loves me!

6 thoughts on “I love my vet and he loves me

  1. Bassa! I love my vet, too! I call him “Uncle Deji”, and he took me home to watch me carefully when I was a tiny baby and I was reallllly sick. We’re lucky to have such great vets, I think.

  2. What sweet pictures Bassa. Who would not love a gorgeous sweet thing that you are? It is wonderful that you love your vet and he loves you. Nobody around here wants to be anywhere near the vet and he is very nice and sweet too. We just don’t like the pokin’ and stickin’ he does to us. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Ruger doesn’t think much of Dr John – his new vet. He loves Dr Sonia, the vet that him & Neve had from the time they were little 8 week old balls of fluff. But she only works part-time now because she has her own tiny small person. So he doesn’t get to see Dr Sonia very often.

    And unfortunately Ruger is not so sensible about getting stuck with needles as you are Bassa. You are a very wise dog.

    Ear scritches to you
    from Annie

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