After drinking my fill at my newly discovered urban oasis I was ready for the final leg of our walk. However, the little person said he felt tired so I found us a shady tree to sit under. It was nice to sit and watch the world go by. I saw a young man and woman with a baby carried in a sling on the man’s chest, several old women dressed in traditional black, a boy carrying a stack of freshly baked bread from the bakers down the road and others returning from the markets with bags heavy with fruit and vegetables and meat. The tall person told me that people are celebrating Saint Mary’s Day (Mariamoba) today and will eat and drink much. I asked the tall person if I could celebrate Mariamoba but he saw through my religious ‘fervour’ and said I would not be getting any extra food. Oh well, it was worth a try!

After a while the little person declared that he was bored and could we go home. Bored? He was the one who wanted to rest! Next time little person, drink from my urban oasis and you won’t get tired and you won’t get bored!

I found an oasis in the midst of a suburban desert

I was half way home from my walk this morning and felt really thirsty. The little person had a small bottle of water which he shared with me but when I drink I drink a lot and there was not enough to quench my thirst. I felt like a traveller in a desert, far from home and hot and thirsty. All I could think about was water – cold, cold water. I kept walking and after a while I saw a shimmer in the distance. At first I thought it was a mirage but as I got closer I realised that I had found an oasis in the midst of this suburban desert. There were no palm trees or camels but who cares when you are thirsty?

Zhiguli or Lada? Italian or Soviet?

On my walk this morning I came across another Soviet era car. The tall person said that it looked familiar but he didn’t know its name. Fortunately, the little person was with us. He knows everything about cars and told me that it was a Zhiguli, also known as the Lada. It was first made in 1970 and was produced as part of a collaboration between the Italian car maker Fiat and the Soviet government.

I never knew that!