His shoes told me everything I needed to know!

The little person has returned from his grandparent’s village. I heard the car pull up outside and rushed to the front steps to meet him. I was so excited! We had a quick catch up in the kitchen but I must admit I got more information from the scent on his shoes than from what he said. The right shoe told me that he has been playing with little chickens and visiting their bathroom! The left shoe told me that he has been chasing the parrot eating frog. There was a lot more but those were the main things.

He has headed straight for the refridgerator so he must be hungry. Excellent, perhaps he will share with me.

A candle for my friends and anyone in Irene’s way

When I went out for a walk this afternoon the tall person told me that a lot of my friends in the United States are worried about a hurricane that is blowing in from the ocean and bringing lots of rain and big winds. He said that homes could be flooded and the big winds could blow trees down and people and animals could be hurt.

When we got home, De lit a candle and we all asked that our friends (furry and non-furry) and anyone in Irene’s way be safe.

My friends, I am on my veranda thinking of you as the sun sets here in Tbilisi.