Things that go bump in the night, or day

We live in a noisy world. Our days are filled with sounds of cars and laughter and chatter and music and TV and doors opening and closing and kettles whistling and children calling and a thousand other sounds of everyday life. We learn to live with these and we add our own to this familiar community of sound.

But there are other sounds that don’t belong and these are the ones that we react to. A friend of mine, Scarlett, said to me this evening that she had been frightened by fireworks recently and now she runs and hides whenever a loud noise startles her. I can understand her reaction. None of us like loud noise but it usually mean that something is wrong. Loud often means danger but it can also mean someone needs help so we should never ignore loud sounds.

This evening I heard a loud bang outside so I went to investigate. The tall person came with me and he explained that it was probably a car back firing. I bark whenever I hear an unusual sound and the tall person says ‘show me’ and I take him to where the sound came from and he tells me what the sound is and he says ‘good girl’ and I relax. He has always done this and it reassures me and helps me tell the difference between good and bad sounds.

I hope this helps you Scarlett. Remember, noise can’t hurt you. So, next time you hear a loud sound take a deep breath and go and have a look. It might mean that someone you care about needs your help.



8 thoughts on “Things that go bump in the night, or day

  1. Yes and there are plenty of dogs who like to hear the sound of their own voices, constantly, all night long. You would think that the owner might consider that the poor pet might need something, like affection or social time with his family. Not all tall people are created equal.

    My little girl hates the sound of sirens and tries to hide from them. Fireworks are the worst for her.

  2. Marshall doesnt like the sound of lightening. But he doesnt get scared… just looks at me quizzically asking… “what was that yo?” 😀 often when im listening to my ipod and cant hear anything marshy lets me know if my mother or someone else is calling out for me. That way I dont have to worry that I wont respond in time.

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