The real treasures in life

The little person is at his grandparent’s village again. I miss him but I know he enjoys playing with his cousins and the little chickens in the village.  Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot is still here but he has been quiet today and is probably relieved that he is not in the village with Mr. Fox and the parrot eating frog.

One of my neighbours came to see me today and brought me a treat. The tall person said it was okay so I ate it. Delicious! He is a kind man and when I first came to live here he was one of the few people I didn’t bark at. Perhaps I sensed that he was nice. I have another neighbour who is a grandfather. I often see him in the street playing with his granddaughter. He is the most cheerful person I know. He is always smiling and is always happy. The tall person likes him very much and I do too. The tall person said to me that to grow old and still greet the world with a smile is a great gift.

I suppose, my missing the little person and seeing my kind neighbour reminded me of the importance of friendship and community. In the evenings, especially in the summer, my neighbours sit on the low wall on the other side of the street chatting while their children play in the street. The air is full of laughter and excitement and chatter. I can hear them now and I understand that laughter and friendship and caring for others are the real treasures in life.

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