Do children’s ears grow slower than the rest of them?

The tall person still calls me Puppy sometimes. I suppose in his eyes I am still that little pup who would curl up on his lap and fall asleep. Technically I am still a puppy but I would squash him if I were to sit on his lap now. I have changed a lot but everything around me has not really changed that much. De and the tall person look the same and the little person is still little. I asked the tall person why this is and he explained that animals usually grow fast because their parents only look after them for a short time. He could see that I was a little alarmed by this and quickly reassured me that he and De would always look after me. That was good to hear but I was a little worried about the little person. He is nearly nine years old and I’ve seen him making a sandwich so I know he can look after himself. I asked the tall person why they still looked after him. Shouldn’t he be getting a job, perhaps one that didn’t require reaching for tall things? The tall person said that I had asked a good question and explained that children take a long time to learn everything they need to know to be able to survive in the world. Ah, I think I understand. I often hear him and De repeat the same things to the little person day after day. Perhaps, children’s ears grow slower than the rest of them?

8 thoughts on “Do children’s ears grow slower than the rest of them?

  1. There are just so many things for little ones to learn before they enter into the grown-up world, and it takes a lot of reinforcement. It can be hard to learn all they need and that is why they have pets like you, Bassas.

    You provide the unconditional love and understanding, the shoulder to lean on, and whether they fail, pass, or need to try again, you support them without question.

    Really, when you think about it, they are learning life’s most important message from you—how to love.

    It may take them a little longer to grow up and get a job, but I can see why. All kids should have a friend like you.

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