Every journey begins with one step but not a steep one

You may have seen pictures of me sitting on the balcony at the top of the front steps but these are not usually the steps I use when I go out. They are very steep and I can see the ground between each step. Can you imagine going down these head first? It’s quite un-nerving. I mentioned this to the tall person when I was much smaller and he got down on all fours at the top of the steps and agreed that he would not like to go down this way. So I use the steps from the veranda. I call them Bassa’s Steps. They are not steep and there are no gaps between the steps. I suggested to the little person that he uses them but he prefers the steep steps. Oh well, boys will be boys but I always remind him to hold on tight.

Be strong big tree, I don’t want you in my garden!

The tall person has been working in the garden again today and I have been keeping him company, mainly from the back door because it is so hot outside. He re-planted another bush and I did not touch it! I have also not gone anywhere near the crazy Mirian bush but I have a feeling it is watching me! So far, I have not experienced any urges to dig up anything. Perhaps the crazy Mirian bush has a limited hypnotic range. Hmm, to be on the safe side I will close my eyes if I have to go past it.

When the sun moved and part of the garden was in shade I ventured onto the veranda to chase off a few birds. Before I came to live here the tall person used to feed them and I think they remember this and keep coming back. Back off birdies, this is my veranda!

Behind our garden there is a very tall tree. It is a landmark in the neighbourhood and can be seen from quite far away. It moves when the wind blows. The tall person has calculated that it would land in our garden if it ever fell over. Be strong big tree, I don’t want you in my garden – though you probably would look good in the toy room.