Whoever heard of a singing king?

I have just watched a movie with the little person. It was about a chihuahua who lives in Beverly Hills in the United States and gets kidnapped on vacation in Mexico but is saved by another dog called Delgado. She has lots of adventures and meets Montezuma, the chihuahua King, who is a very good singer. I thought that was very unusual – I can believe a singing chihuahua but whoever heard of a singing king? The other animals were also good, especially the iguana. Have I told you that the tall person used to have two pet iguanas? One was big and was called Biggy and one was small and was called Iggy.

I nearly forgot – the little person says hi!

9 thoughts on “Whoever heard of a singing king?

  1. We don’t think we ever heard of a singing king either. We like the names Biggy and Iggy. We leave hugs and nose kisses for you and the little person. Have a great weekend.

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