I can’t be in two places at once

I had a great idea when I woke up this morning. I love being in the garden but I also like relaxing in the toy room. The problem is I can’t be in two places at once. Hmm……to solve this dilemma I decided to bring part of the garden into the toy room. I knew it would be okay because De has some plants inside the house but I wanted it to be a surprise. Fortunately, De, the tall person and the little person were still asleep when I woke up so I had some time to work without interruption.

I found a suitable bush in the garden and dug it up. It needed some trimming but that was no problem for my teeth and I soon had the perfect bush for the toy room. I carried it into the house and positioned it on the toy room carpet. I would have liked more dirt but a lot of it dropped off in the house on the way to the toy room.

Anyway, I was lying in my new toy room garden, enjoying the feel of earth beneath my paws when De came in. To my complete surprise she did not appear to like my new garden and ordered me outside in a very loud voice! Poor De, perhaps she did not sleep well and woke up feeling grumpy.

When I was finally allowed back inside I went to see my toy room garden but it was gone. De suggested that I give up gardening for a while or “there will be trouble”. It was very thoughtful of her to be concerned about me working in this hot weather but believe me it was no trouble – I enjoyed it!

8 thoughts on “I can’t be in two places at once

  1. You are a genius, I regularly do a bit of pruning and have been known to do a bit of digging on the lawn but I’d never have thought about actually digging it up and bringing it in! I might give it a go, not to spruce up the house but just to see how purple my dad’s face will go before his head actually explodes.

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