He thinks he owes me!

I had a long chat with Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot this afternoon. He was really worried that he had been exiled to the village because of his behaviour. I took full advantage of his anxiety and told him that if it had not been for me pleading his case with De and the tall person he would still be there with Mr. Fox and the parrot eating frog. I hadn’t really said anything to De or the tall person but now Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot thinks he owes me! I must say, his sojourn with the village predators appears to have calmed him down. He even apologised for the nose pecking incident. I was still a little wary though and to check his sincerity I put my nose close to the bars of his cage as we talked but he never once tried to peck me.

Perhaps he is a changed parrot. We shall see. They say that a leopard never changes its spots – does the same apply to a parrot?

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