He thinks he owes me!

I had a long chat with Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot this afternoon. He was really worried that he had been exiled to the village because of his behaviour. I took full advantage of his anxiety and told him that if it had not been for me pleading his case with De and the tall person he would still be there with Mr. Fox and the parrot eating frog. I hadn’t really said anything to De or the tall person but now Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot thinks he owes me! I must say, his sojourn with the village predators appears to have calmed him down. He even apologised for the nose pecking incident. I was still a little wary though and to check his sincerity I put my nose close to the bars of his cage as we talked but he never once tried to peck me.

Perhaps he is a changed parrot. We shall see. They say that a leopard never changes its spots – does the same apply to a parrot?

Is a leaf more important than me?

I have been watching the tall person working in the garden. I heard him say to De that the sun was burning the leaves of some of the plants and he needed to move them to a shadier part of the garden. Unfortunately, he chose one of my favourite napping places. I did try to tell him but he was too busy digging. So be it. I hope he remembers that I did try to warn him.

I waited until he had finished and had gone inside to have a shower and then I took a closer look. Hmm, absolutely no room for me. Believe me, I did try to squeeze myself between the plants to see if I would fit but I am a Caucasian Shepherd – not a contortionist. They would have to be moved again. I was about to go inside and find the tall person when I realised that he was probably tired after all that digging and deserved a rest. So, to save the tall person the extra work I decided to re-locate them myself.

It didn’t take me long but my gardening skills are not as precise as the tall person and things just fell apart in my mouth. They don’t make plants like they used to. They must be cheap foreign imports. Oh well, at least they don’t need to worry about their leaves being burned by the sun any more – they no longer have any.

I am pleased to say that in no time at all I had restored my sleeping place to its former glory.

You must understand tall person, I am like the plants you moved – I too get hot in the sun and need a shady place to lie in. Before you react, ask yourself this – is a leaf more important than me?

P.S. I just heard the tall person say, “I give up”! Perhaps he is playing a game with the little person in the garden.