A man in her village ate 99!

It is Mari’s birthday today. Happy birthday Mari! Mari is De’s sister and a special friend of mine. Even though it is her birthday she still had to go to work but De, the tall person and the little person had a surprise for her. They met her after work and took her to see the Georgian national basketball team play Israel in a friendly match. Mari is crazy about basketball! I would have liked to have gone – I like ball games. Anyway, Georgia won 97-91 and Mari and De and the tall person and the little person and everyone in Georgia were all very happy.

After the basketball match they went to a restaurant to eat khinkali, which are dumplings stuffed with meat and spices. Khinkali is very popular in Georgia and I have them for breakfast sometimes. They are delicious! Georgians have competitions to see how many they can eat. De told me that a man in her village ate 99!

They are home now and I think Mari had a very nice birthday.

However, I think there has been a significant oversight in the birthday itinerary – so far I have not seen any birthday cake. I will follow this up with De.

P.S. Khinkali originally came from Kazbegi, a mountainous part of Georgia. Short haired Caucasian Shepherd dogs also originated in Kazbegi.