Thunder and lightning and the jumping game

It’s nearly bedtime and I am winding down. It’s been raining this evening – lots of thunder and lightning, which I love but it did mean that I couldn’t go outside to play. I wanted to but De said I would get wet and muddy and smelly so I stayed inside and played a jumping game – good fun!

De is cuddling me now.

Goodnight friends. I will see you in the morning.

Any enemy of a fly is a friend of mine

It is dark now and I have just completed my perimeter patrol. I do this as soon as it gets dark and also before bedtime. I’ve checked the garden and the veranda – nothing to report, only two bats swooping in and out. I like bats because they catch flying insects such as flies. I also catch flies, so any enemy of a fly is a friend of mine. I have checked the toy room balcony – some neighbours are sitting on the low wall on the other side of the street enjoying the cool evening air. I know them and don’t mind them sitting there. One of them waves at me, which is nice. I am now on the balcony at the top of the stairs overlooking the yard. It’s quiet but the thing I am looking for is very stealthy. A couple of times a week a particular cat sits on top of the yard wall and waits for me to bark at him. He knows I can’t reach him. This provocative behaviour annoyed me at first but I am more relaxed about it now. I bark a couple of times just to maintain my fierce reputation but it’s too hot to keep it up for long.

This is a time for quiet reflection and as I sit here I wonder if cats catch flies. If they do they would be an enemy of flies and any enemy of flies is a friend of mine. Perhaps that cat comes to catch flies, just as the bats do.

Buy a wetsuit tall person and join us!

You may have noticed that I have my own sofa in the kitchen. It is my favourite place in the house, mainly because it is the focal point of our home and I can keep an eye on what is going on – and, most importantly, it is where De prepares food. I like to be close to that particular activity!

I do lots of things on my sofa. Some are non-controversial, such as sleeping or watching TV but others cause quite a reaction, especially my chewing activities. I bring things here to chew, which I suppose is just about okay if I am chewing bread but I also like chewing bones here. I get dragged off if De or the tall person see me doing this. It’s difficult to know what is allowed and what isn’t. It’s mainly trial and error. I once dug up a bush in the garden and brought it to my sofa to chew – that was an error! I’ve come to realise that anything dry is usually ok to chew there but anything wet I have to chew outside. The same applies to me – if I am dry I can lie on the sofa without getting bothered but if I’m wet I know I will be told off. Dry good, wet bad – you would think it is an easy thing to remember but……..

The tall person rarely sits on my sofa because he says it is often soggy with drool. De cleans it every day, which means I have to start all over again to get it to smell the way I like.

De is much more understanding of my dribbling problem and often sits with me on my sofa in the evening and cuddles me, which is very nice. Buy a wetsuit tall person and join us!