I had to confiscate the brush!

I was relaxing on my sofa when De decided to sweep the floor. I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to relax when someone is waving a brush around and complaining about how much mess I make. Oh, De. How many times do I have to remind you? I am a puppy – I crunch everything into little pieces, I leave puddles of drool everywhere, I hide half eaten bones and half of what I drink escapes from my mouth – I have absolutely no table manners!

I was just about coping with the whirlwind of sweeping that was going on around me when De told me to get down from my sofa because it was “covered with crumbs”. I know De, I was saving them for later! Unfortunately, my very reasonable explanation was ignored and I was yanked down from the sofa by my collar.

Faced with extreme provocation I did what any other puppy would do – I confiscated the brush and took it back to my sofa for a good chew. De tried to get it back so I had to remind her that it is actually my brush – she gave it to me for my tenth month birthday. What a short memory she has!




Not for vegetarians!

I may have mentioned before that the tall person gets my bones from the meat department of our local supermarket. The butcher knows about me and often puts aside the most juicy bones just for me. When the tall person went to the supermarket today the butcher had just finished chopping up a cow and presented him with two big bags that looked as if they were stuffed with dinosaur bones – they were that big! As the bags were being handed over the counter a person waiting to be served asked the tall person how many dogs he has. The tall person smiled and told him “just one Caucasian Shepherd puppy”. “Ah” replied the man and nodded in a way that suggested total understanding. Hmm, it seems I have a reputation to live up to – next time tall person, bring home the whole cow!