The job-stealing fly swatter

When the tall person came back from the supermarket this afternoon he asked if he could have a word with me. We went to the kitchen and he asked if I could see anything that shouldn’t be there. Hmm, I looked around for any puddles of drool. No puddles. Had I left a half chewed bone? No. I couldn’t see anything.  “What are these?” he asked. I looked up and saw several flies lazily circling the room. Oops! I hadn’t noticed those before.

You may recall that I am an expert fly killer but I must admit I recently put this hobby on hold because it has been too hot to jump around.

The tall person reached into a shopping bag and produced a fly swatter. It had a picture of a fly on it. At first I was pleased that he had gone to the trouble of providing me with a new tool for the job but he went on to say that as I was “too lazy” he would have to get rid of the flies. I was speechless. I had been fired!

When he left the room I quickly dispatched all of the flies (using conventional methods) and then found the job-stealing fly swatter and bit it in half!

The tall person later complimented me on clearing the flies from the kitchen. He said nothing about the fly swatter. Hmm, I think I have just been cleverly manipulated.

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