Cinderella says goodnight

I really felt like Cinderella today. De gave me a brush for my 10 month birthday and ‘suggested’ that I help clean the house! Clean? What is the point of having a cleaning fairy? Oh well, perhaps it was her day off. Anyway, I thwarted her plan. After playing tug of war with the brush I cuddled up to her and she soon forgot about cleaning and spent most of the time kissing and hugging me. Lovely!

I can’t believe I am 10 months old today. It only seems like yesterday that I was 9 months and 30 days! How time flies.

Goodnight friends, tomorrow we will all be one day older so make each day count!

I always make sure he doesn’t over-eat!

The tall person had a late dinner this evening. I was on the balcony and nearly missed it! Fortunately, I heard De call out “come and get it”. Thanks De – great early warning! Believe it or not, I actually got there before the tall person! The thought of food always makes my legs go faster.

It is a little dim in the kitchen at the moment because several of the light bulbs need replacing. No problem. I switched on one of my fog lights to get a better view!

My attempts to encourage sharing really seem to be paying off and it wasn’t long before I was tucking into a delicious meal. Aside from personal benefit, I also encourage sharing for health reasons. You can see from the picture that the tall person is very slim – that’s because I always make sure he doesn’t over-eat!

Don’t get distracted De!

I helped De with the cleaning today but she kept getting distracted and wanted to play and hug and kiss me all the time. I told her that we will never get it done unless she temporarily forgets how irresistible I am. She tried hard but just couldn’t do it! Consequently, the cleaning took much longer to complete and we ended up very tired. But I must admit the hugs and kisses were very nice!