Like a hairy dolphin

The tall person combed me this evening and I am now sleek and streamlined, like a hairy dolphin.

To show off my new look I posed on the toy room balcony for twenty minutes. I chose that place because it overlooks the street and anyone passing would be sure to notice me. Several children waved but all of the other people that passed either did not see me or were obviously too jealous or too shy to say anything. No matter, it was getting dark anyway.

Feeling quite inspired by the overwhelming public adoration I returned inside and played tug of war with the tall person. Unfortunately, my new look worked against me. I no longer had the weight advantage and he won easily. Was this the tall person’s way of getting back at me for yesterday’s football match? How much hair did he comb off me? It’s 80F at the moment and I feel cold!

4 thoughts on “Like a hairy dolphin

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