He can only say ‘baa’

My one-sheep-flock woke me up just before dawn this morning and asked me to take him to the toy room balcony because he wanted to ‘watch the sun rise’. This is one of the problems of being a shepherd dog, sheep are so demanding. Half asleep, I herded him along and as usual he wandered all over the place. It took me five minutes of hard sheperding to get him to the balcony. However, I must admit it was worth it. We watched the sky gradually lighten and the sun slowly rise into the sky. Perhaps I have underestimated my sheep. He has obviously got a deep appreciation for beauty – but he still has a terrible sense of direction!

Apart from the occasional ‘baa’ we sat in silence, each contemplating the wonder of nature. It was wonderful. I was having a profound spiritual moment and then he spoiled it by depositing what I can only describe as sheep ‘poop’ on my balcony. He was deeply embarrassed but I tried to reassure him that it was okay because the tall person would use it to make the plants grow in the garden. He laughed at that and I know he wanted to ask me why the tall person would do a silly thing like that but we couldn’t really talk about it because, like all sheep, he has an extremely limited vocabularly. He can only say ‘baa’ and whenever he says it to me I usually just smile and nod my head and he has always seems happy with that.

Anyway, as the sun rose in the sky it started to get hot so I herded my sheep back to the cool bathroom. It was a lovely start to the day and I know that the tall person will be thrilled when he discovers sheep ‘poop’ on the balcony. Happy gardening tall person!

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