The beautiful game

It rained in Tbilisi today and I was out in the thick of it playing football with the tall person. I prefer playing football in the rain – it’s easier to do sliding tackles. The tall person will confirm this as I ‘dropped’ him several times. He said it was a foul and starting quoting Football Association rules. Hmm, show me how that applies to a dog tall person. Play on!

I must admit that I do have an unfair advantage – I’m much faster than him and he can’t catch the ball in his mouth. So much for human evolution!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun. I let the tall person score a few goals to keep him interested but at the end he suffered a crushing defeat. He took it well and was clearly oblivious to the utter humiliation he should have been feeling. I am only 9 months old after all and a girl.

We both got very wet and muddy and when we got home De told me that I was smelly! Poor De, she doesn’t understand the realities of football. It’s a physical game De and yes we do sweat!

5 thoughts on “The beautiful game

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  2. That sounds like a great game of football. De meant that you were smelling good! We got good smelling today, too, cause it was raining while we were out walking with mom. xo Berner Girls

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