I am worried I will starve in my sleep

It’s been a strange up and down day today and I haven’t really felt like eating or doing anything. I think it is because the little person has gone to his grandparent’s village to spend a couple of weeks with his cousins. I miss him a lot but I don’t miss Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot one little bit.

I was feeling quite lonely and sad until I received a lovely message from my best friend Lovely Lynlee. Her words cheered me up and after a while I began to feel hungry so I went to the tall person and he gave me a juicy bone. That was delicious but it was soon gone so De put some food in my bowl and I ate that. They won’t give me any more because it is nearly bedtime. I am worried that I will starve in my sleep!

Goodnight everybody. I hope I have enough fat reserves to see me through to breakfast in the morning. Wait a minute, I think I can lick a bit more from the sides of my bowl!


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