We are camping out tonight

My one-sheep-flock wanted to sleep under the stars tonight so we are bedding down on the toy room balcony. I think he is still a little nervous after this afternoon’s bear encounter. I have told him that nothing will hurt him because bears are afraid of me, especially tiny bears.

Stay close little sheep and count sheep if you can’t sleep. One, two, three………ah, he has fallen asleep. Hmm, easy on the snoring little sheep.

Goodnight everyone. Sheep dreams. We shall see you in the morning.

3 thoughts on “We are camping out tonight

    • Hi Rumpy, I hope so too! I am going to graze my one-sheep-flock on the balcony every day. If Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot complains I will just tell him to shut up! Hope you are okay and enjoying your day.

  1. I hope that the rain didn’t affect your plans too much? But guess you and your one-sheep-flock did not get to see too many stars if the rain clouds came over. 😦

    Sleep well,
    Annie & Ruger

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