I’m seriously thinking of getting him a Sat-Nav!

I herded my one-sheep-flock onto the balcony this morning. It’s safe there and I thought the sunshine would do him good. However, it wasn’t long before Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot started to complain. He said that my one-sheep-flock is not house-trained and would make a mess on the balcony. I was speechless. Hello Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot – haven’t you noticed that your cage is one big bathroom!

To avoid a big argument I herded my one-sheep-flock off the balcony, through the toy room, through the little person’s bedroom, down the hallway and into the bathroom. It took some time because he kept wandering off and I had to run after him and point him the right direction. I am seriously thinking of getting him a Sat-Nav. He really has no sense of direction!

Anyway, we reached the bathroom and I managed to settle him down. I’m exhausted now and it’s all the fault of that petulant parrot. He has got to go!

7 thoughts on “I’m seriously thinking of getting him a Sat-Nav!

  1. Mr. Parrot seems to be full of resolution to stake out his territory – but maybe he was just afraid, the one-sheep-flock might grow, and all those sheep would stuff up the balcony? or was he jealous because you were busy with herding your flock instead of exclusively paying attention to him?

    • I am at a loss to understand his motives Puzzle. Yes, I am sure he is jealous. I am a Caucasian Shepherd Dog and he is a little rat with wings. I’m convinced that it would take years of therapy to cure Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot!

  2. You sure are taking good care of your one-sheep-flock, Basso. I can see how it can be exhausting, herding him around like that. Maybe you need to tell Mr. Parrot to find someone else to pick on or you’ll start herding him.

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