Go home and eat your porridge little bear

I heard the tall person turn on the air conditioning so I herded my one-sheep-flock into the hall so that we could both benefit from the lovely cool air. My one-sheep-flock was happy so I decided to have a quick nap. Imagine my surprise when I later woke up to discover a bear about to attack my flock! De must have left the back door open. How many times have I told her about the danger from bears in the neighbourhood! Anyway, the bear must have realised that I had woken up because he ran towards me, roaring as he went. I could clearly see his huge teeth and razor sharp claws. I froze for a moment, transfixed by this terrifying beast that was bounding towards me. Fortunately my instincts took over and at the very last moment I swiped him with my paw and pinned him to the floor. I realised then that he was only tiny. Believe me, he had looked much, much bigger when I was lying on the floor.

I was too embarassed to tell De or the tall person so I picked him up and put him outside. I told him, very sternly, to go home and never again bother my one-sheep-flock or I will tell his mummy and he will have his bear bottom spanked and he will be grounded.

Stick to porridge little bear!

6 thoughts on “Go home and eat your porridge little bear

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