As cool as a cucumber

I don’t mean me – I’m definitely not as cool as a cucumber. I’m as hot as a hot dog! It is another sweltering day in Georgia and I’ve spent most of the day lying opposite the air conditioning unit in the hall way.

De has kept me supplied with lovely ice and also gave me a cold cucumber. Note the clever use of my paws to stop the slippery thing from escaping!

2 thoughts on “As cool as a cucumber

  1. LOL!!! I don’t think we have ever given Ruger a cucumber to eat (neither of us like them.) I wonder what he would make of one??? He loves lots of different vegetables & fruit. Perhaps we should buy him one. 🙂

    And dear Bassa, I hope that the weather soon gets a little cooler for you & your humans.

    Kind regards

    • I’m sure Ruger would love a cucumber. De gives them to me straight from the fridge and they are lovely and cool. I’m afraid this weather will last for months Annie. We always have long, hot summers in Georgia.

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