A towel is…….so many things!

I have my own towel. The tall person and De dry me with it after I have a bath but it is far more versatile than that. When I want to play I take it to the tall person and nudge him with it until he agrees to play tug of war with me. I love playing tug of war. I did it this afternoon. When I was smaller the tall person could easily pull me along the floor with it but he can’t do that now. Perhaps he is getting weaker. I don’t usually nudge De with my towel in case she thinks I want a bath! I like baths but they take up too much playing and sleeping time.

De also uses my towel to wipe away excess slobber – mine not hers! Because of that it is always wonderfully damp and smells fantastic!

My towel is also good for sliding on the floor. I have spent many happy moments ‘towel boarding’ in the hall.

De and the tall person and the little person only use their towels for drying themselves after a bath or shower. I feel sorry for their lack of imagination!

5 thoughts on “A towel is…….so many things!

  1. Hmmm … my humans are lacking in imagination also. My hu-Mum always steals away with my towels and puts them in the washing machine after I’ve used it. No chance to make use of one for playing. 😦

    Slobbers from Ruger

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  3. I love my towel too! I have different sizes, depending on job BOL! My fave is when i get spa treatment after bath or wet and Muddy. Must try towel boarding

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