You can’t have your cake and eat it (but I can)

I haven’t seen much of Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot today. He was in the toy room and I spent most of the day in front of the air conditioning unit. I know he is impatient to know what reaction there was to his ‘open letter’ on my blog but I’m going to make him wait and sweat for a while. He can make his own head wet! One of his demands is a 10cm exclusion zone around his cage. Great! When I get around to talking with him I will stay 10cm away and whisper as quietly as possible. When he complains that he can’t hear me I will remind him that I can’t come any closer because of his exclusion zone. You can’t have your cake and eat it Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot! But that doesn’t apply to me – I like cake. I like to have cake and to eat it!

Goodnight friends. I will dream of cake tonight.

As cool as a cucumber

I don’t mean me – I’m definitely not as cool as a cucumber. I’m as hot as a hot dog! It is another sweltering day in Georgia and I’ve spent most of the day lying opposite the air conditioning unit in the hall way.

De has kept me supplied with lovely ice and also gave me a cold cucumber. Note the clever use of my paws to stop the slippery thing from escaping!

A towel is…….so many things!

I have my own towel. The tall person and De dry me with it after I have a bath but it is far more versatile than that. When I want to play I take it to the tall person and nudge him with it until he agrees to play tug of war with me. I love playing tug of war. I did it this afternoon. When I was smaller the tall person could easily pull me along the floor with it but he can’t do that now. Perhaps he is getting weaker. I don’t usually nudge De with my towel in case she thinks I want a bath! I like baths but they take up too much playing and sleeping time.

De also uses my towel to wipe away excess slobber – mine not hers! Because of that it is always wonderfully damp and smells fantastic!

My towel is also good for sliding on the floor. I have spent many happy moments ‘towel boarding’ in the hall.

De and the tall person and the little person only use their towels for drying themselves after a bath or shower. I feel sorry for their lack of imagination!

It’s the publishers bottoms you should be tapping!

I was up at 5.45 a.m. this morning and after some gentle toe nibbling De got up too – I like to share that wonderful dawn experience but De seemed less keen and went back to bed shortly afterwards so I entertained myself with a good book that had been left on the kitchen table. Unfortunately, my attempts to turn the pages with my teeth resulted in some ‘superficial’ damage. In my defence I can only suggest that publishers make more of an effort to make their books more robust – pages just fall apart when you touch them with your teeth! Needless to say, De was not impressed with my reading style and tapped my bottom with the book! You are tapping the wrong bottom De – it’s the publishers bottoms you should be tapping!