I was not disappointed

De and the tall person went to the supermarket and when they returned I did what I always do. I checked all of the bags to see what they had got for me. I was not disappointed. At the bottom of one of the bags I found cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese. It is so cool and creamy. Anyway, I persuaded De to delay unpacking the bags and give me my cottage cheese. She hand fed me, which I thought was very sweet but I suspect she was more concerned about the mess I would make if I ate it by myself!

4 thoughts on “I was not disappointed

  1. I am getting another bowl of chicken & rice & cottage cheese fery soon. (Actually, my tummy is all better now, but it might just be good if I act sickly for a few more days. 😉 ) The hu-Dad is cooking my chicken right now …….

    Slobbers & drool from your pal Ruger

  2. Dear Bassa,

    Something must be going on because Gingersnap! was very sick last week and Mama L. had to feed her rice and boiled chicken for dinner. For breakfast, she got rice and a scrambled egg and a spoon of cottage cheese. This went on for several days. It looked so good that I started to whine a little, and then Mama L. fed me some too! It was delicious! I am now a cottage cheese fan!

    Love, Madeleine

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