I’m back!

Actually, I didn’t go anywhere but the tall person went to London for a week. He came back last night and we have spent the morning catching up. To be honest I was so eager to tell him about my adventures that I woke him up at 2.45 a.m. I remember the time because he mentioned it several times in quite a loud voice. I was ready to chat for hours but for some strange reason he was not as keen as me to swap stories and told me to ‘go back to sleep!’

Anyway, we arranged a morning appointment for a de-briefing but I got confused and woke him again at 5.30 a.m. I tried to explain that the clock in the kitchen is broken and anyway I can’t tell the time. He didn’t seem convinced but I did see him put a new battery in the clock after breakfast. Anyway, he mentioned something called jet lag and the fact that he had just flown 2,500 miles. I have no idea how far that is but I think he was making too much fuss because London is probably somewhere on the other side of Tbilisi.

He was more like his normal self after a shower and I took the opportunity to help him un-pack his travel bag. When he wasn’t looking I managed to get my whole head inside! I was having a great time but when he noticed what I was doing I was unceremoniously yanked out by the collar. He then accused me of covering everything in drool! I maintained that it was rain because I had heard that it always rains in London and he should get a new travel bag because this one leaks.

Anyway, I am back and the tall person is back and my blog is back!

8 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. I am glad to hear that your tall person is home wif you & De & the little person again. It is always best to hafe all your humans in one place. It is much easier to guard them then.

    Hafe a lovely day – I hope the tall person recovers soon.

    Play bows from Ruger.

  2. Welcome back my friend! Tall human must be tired from his journey because I can’t think of why he’d rather sleep than tell you all about his trip.
    You are looking good too! woo woo!

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