You are fired Mr. Alarm Clock!

I forgot to tell you that I woke De this morning by nibbling her toes. They were poking out of the covers at the bottom of the bed and when I started nibbling they wriggled, which made me nibble more! I like toes. There is something irresistible about them. Anyway, she wasn’t too annoyed because it was time to get up.

The tall person told me that before I came to live in the house they needed an alarm clock to wake them in the morning. I remember hearing it several times when I was small but I haven’t heard it for a long time. The tall person said I was his alarm clock now. I was quite flattered by that and I’m proud to say I have never failed to wake them and I’m sure it’s good for them to get up earlier than they ever did before!

9 thoughts on “You are fired Mr. Alarm Clock!

  1. Oh, Bassa, perhaps you could teach Lola Pug to nibble on my toes instead of jumping on my head in the mornings. Both are equally effective at getting me up, and all, but I’d rather your method.

  2. Dear furiend Bassa – You must tell my hu-mans that a dog alarm clock is really a wonderful fing to hafe. My hu-mans do not seem to appreciate this important fact, at 4:30am each morning. I hafe tried telling them that if they stayed awake then, they would hafe so many more hours to enjoy my wonderful company and to give me pats & scratches and fings to eat. But they just continue to say some fery uncivilised fings about me before they try to fall back to sleep. They just hafe no manners at all. How can I improve this situation?

    Yours in desperation,

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