I say throw away the key!

Mr. Parrot pecked my nose! I was only saying hello and sniffing him. No wonder he is behind bars. He is one dangerous parrot! I will report this outrageous assault to the tall person. Doesn’t he know we are living with a dangerous felon!

I say throw away the key!

10 thoughts on “I say throw away the key!

  1. I feel that way about my cats! Can you believe that they actually smack me when they’re mad? Just don’t tell anyone because it’s too embarrassing.

  2. I think that is an outrageous crime that Mr Parrot has carried out against you sweet lovely self. I say for sure he should stay locked behind bars.

    Many cuddles to help you feel better
    From Annie the Mumma

  3. Hi Bassa! I have a cat I can loan you to take care of Mr. Parrot!!! LOL…. that way you would not get in trouble when Mr. Parrot disappears! We have birds here also and they are also behind bars…. felons the whole lot of them!

    Great Blog! I enjoy it immensely!

      • She is packing her bags and adding some seasoning talking about Parrat Fricasee….. She was reading your blog with my collies and I and we love your blog!!! She will be hungry when she gets there…. Look out Mr. Parrot! LOL

        Keep up the great blogging!

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