When is a sea not a sea?

Tbilisi is nowhere near the sea but there is a Tbilisi Sea. Strange but true. It is a large lake about 20 minutes drive from our house. The tall person and De and the little person went there today. I’ve never been and would have liked to have gone but the tall person told me I must wait until the weather is cooler.

When they returned home they told me all about it. The little person said he went swimming with the tall person and they played the ‘shark’ game and ‘Baywatch’. In the ‘Baywatch’ game the tall person showed the little person how to rescue someone from the water. It can’t have been like the real ‘Baywatch’ because the tall person has blue swim shorts not red ones. Apparently the water was lovely. De stayed on dry land and tried to keep cool. They then had a picnic in the woods and an ice cold drink on the veranda of a cafe overlooking the lake.

The cafe had a hot dog. Poor hot dog. He should have stayed home like me but perhaps that is his home.

I can’t wait for the weather to become cooler and then I can go to Tbilisi Sea.

P.S. The tall person asked me to point out that beer in the picture is his and not the little person’s. He had a coke.


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