Why not the Honda?

Oh dear, I’ve upset the little person. We were playing together in the toy room but he left me alone to play computer games in his bedroom. Unfortunately, he left a number of his toy cars on the floor and I bit one. I didn’t bite it too hard but I did scratch it. The little person loves his toy cars and when he found out he was very upset. I think it was one of his favourite ones because he asked the tall person why I had bitten the BMW and not the Honda. The tall person explained that I don’t know as much about cars as he does and wouldn’t know the difference. That is true. He also suggested to the little person that he could pretend that it had been in a cool, high speed crash and the little person cheered up a bit when he heard that.

We have hugged and made up but I am sad that I upset him.

I’m sorry little person. I’m still learning the difference between my toys and your toys. You can bite one of mine if you want to.

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