He is barking mad but I love him

Every once in a while, the tall person gets juicy bones for me from the meat counter in the supermarket. He doesn’t speak Georgian very well and the meat person doesn’t speak English so it can be a tricky purchase. He told me that the first time he asked for bones he had to resort to barking to make himself understood! I wish I had been there. It sounded hilarious! Lovely tall person. I hope he took account of my barking tips for dogs and used the correct bark. Anyway, the meat person knows him now and always keeps the best and biggest bones for me – lovely meat person.

That was delicious! Oh dear, look at my paws. I desperately need the cleaning fairy. De! De!

4 thoughts on “He is barking mad but I love him

  1. now, that was in fact a juicy bone! Bongo said, he agrees: humans are not very much talented in barking, and he thinks, because they seldom use their whole body. A good bark, he says, must be felt even in the fur between the toes. Maybe, that’s the problem?

    • You and Bongo are right Puzzle. The tall person has no fur between his toes so cannot possibly appreciate the joy of barking! He also does not have much fur on his head 🙂 🙂

  2. Dear dear Bassa, it seems you are a very messy eater. I do hope you have success getting the clearing fairy to tidy your paws for you!! 🙂

    Ruger sadly does not get to enjoy bones, after many expensive trips to the vet after not chewing them properly.

    From Annie the Mumma

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