My family and other animals

As it was De’s birthday today we had a lovely cake after dinner. I love cake. The tall person and the little person sang happy birthday and ate a lot of cake! I had some too. Later, I sat with De on the balcony and she read Gerald Durrell’s ‘My Family and Other Animals’ to me as she sipped her birthday champagne. The Greek island of Corfu sounds lovely and I like Roger the dog. She read in Georgian, which I’m still learning. My first language is English because the tall person speaks it.

De had a very happy birthday today. We all made a fuss of her and the tall person did the washing up!

It’s sleep time now. I think I will dream of Corfu tonight. Goodnight everyone.

2 thoughts on “My family and other animals

  1. I did wonder how you got to be so great at writing English Bassa, but I guess you learnt it from your tall person. I think it would be a very great thing if you & the little person both grew up speaking two languages.
    Georgian looks like a very pretty language to write tho’.

    Lots of love & ear rubs from Annie the Mumma

    • Yes Annie, the little person will be fluent in English, Georgian and Russian. I am currently concentrating on perfecting my English but I can understand what De or the little person say to me when they speak in Georgian 🙂 xx

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