The Fly and I

A huge fly came into the kitchen this morning and began to buzz around. I immediately recognized it as a non-family member and began to stalk it. It quickly realised that I was on its tail and began evasive manoeuvres. It was a very tricky fly. We have a tall ceiling in the kitchen and for a while it stayed out of reach but as it got tired it began to fly lower. I didn’t give it a chance to rest and after a few minutes I managed to swipe it with my paw and it fell to the floor but before I could swat it again it flew up and landed on De’s mobile phone. I think it wanted to call for reinforcements. Brave De shook it off and when it landed on the floor I pounced on it. Job done!

De was very pleased and gave me a treat. I felt very proud.

I hope this incident sends a very clear message to potential intruders – no unwanted visitors allowed, especially ones with six legs!

3 thoughts on “The Fly and I

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