Design Faults

Sometimes, things you did when you were young and silly come back to haunt you. De was tidying one of the clothes cupboards today and found a pair of her trousers that I had ‘played’ with when I was a puppy. I remember it well – De was wearing them at the time! I tried to suggest that the extra ventilation would make them more comfortable in this hot weather but De was not amused.

Sometimes, things you did 10 minutes ago, when you are older but still silly, come back to haunt you. I found a brush in the toy room and couldn’t resist a little nibble. I nibbled and nibbled and………it just came apart in my mouth. I tried to explain to De that it must have been a manufacturing fault and she should buy a different type because this one just ‘fell apart’. De was not happy and is not talking to me now.


4 thoughts on “Design Faults

  1. Hang in there Bassa! De will talk to you again soon; my dog Darwin and I still get along well even after he ripped out all of our porch screens in three days, and remains a terror to all socks lying loose everywhere. The same is true for our second dog Mandy, who chewed through every electrical cord in the den she could reach the first couple of days we had her and also terrorizes socks and handkerchiefs left within her reach. The oldest dog, Tyra, rarely gets in trouble about anything though.

    • Thanks Nancy. It can be confusing – a lot of things I’m allowed to play with look very similar to things I am not allowed to touch. I will suggest to De and the tall person that they label everything – then I will know what I can play with. The only problem is I can’t read! Oh well, back to trial and error 🙂 🙂

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