Bassa’s Snaffling Tips for Dogs

In my ‘Begging Tips for Dogs’ I highlighted our role in encouraging the people with live with to share what they have (with us). You will have already discovered that they don’t always like to do this, especially with really interesting or fun stuff. We have all been told to ‘leave it alone’, ‘it’s not yours’, ‘drop it’, ‘give it to me’. I don’t really understand this – they have so much to play with and we have so little. So what can we do? Regrettably, it is a sad fact that equitable distribution of fun things in our homes is unlikely so we have to take matters into our hands (paws).

In this post I am sharing my tips for getting the things you want (snaffling) but bear in mind that however successful you are the aquisition of fun things will almost always be temporary. The people in your home will not allow a permanent transfer of ownership. They will still consider the thing theirs and will take it back when they discover that you have taken it. So make the most of whatever you grab before it is taken away again!

Here are my tips for successful snaffling.

1. Create a ‘shopping list’. You need to organise yourself. Make a mental list of the things you want and update it regularly. This is my current shopping list:

2. Plan ahead. Planning is everything. There are times when an opportunistic snaffle can be successful but they are rare – so you need to plan ahead.

3. Never show immediate interest in the object of your desire or sniff it or stare at it when people are around. If you do, it is likely to be taken away or put out of reach, making it more difficult to get. Make a mental note and add it to your shopping list.

4. Never take ‘no’ for an answer. If you are unfortunate enough to be caught in the act of snaffling don’t give up and don’t take the inevitable telling off to heart. It is all part of the game.

5. Be patient. You can’t always immediately have what you want – it’s a fact of life, so don’t get frustrated.

6. Surveillance. This is crucial. It’s essential that you ‘stake out’ the thing you want. You need to observe it and its surroundings. Does it always stay in the same place or do the people in the house move it often? Is the room where the thing is located regularly used by the people in the house? Are there times when the thing is left alone? Surveillance is best done when you are pretending to sleep. You are less likely to be disturbed and your presence won’t arouse suspicion.

7. Act decisively. When the conditions for a successful snaffle are ideal grab the thing immediately. Don’t sit there looking at it. Seconds count!

8. Keep calm. Once you have what you want don’t go crazy with excitement or you will alert the people in the house and they will take away your prize!

9. Leave the ‘crime scene’ as soon as possible. Once you have got the thing you want walk away slowly. If you run you will arouse suspicion. Take the thing to a quiet place away from the people in the house. Remember, your time with the thing will be limited so enjoy it while you can!

Enjoy your snaffling. I do! It can be hard work but it’s worth it!

5 thoughts on “Bassa’s Snaffling Tips for Dogs

  1. I find that waiting until night time when the hu-mans are sleeping is useful too. I am very good at waiting for my chance. 🙂

    Slobbers from Ruger the Doggie

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