The Origin of Mike Bear

The tall person, De and the little person went to Tbilisi zoo today. I didn’t go. The tall person told me that I wasn’t allowed because wolves and bears live at the zoo and it would stir my basic instincts if I saw them. I had no idea what he meant but it was very hot today and I didn’t mind staying at home and guarding my flock of one sheep.

When they came back from the zoo they told me about the animals they saw. There was a big yellow snake, a crocodile, lions, elephants, bears, wolves, a zebra, a tiger, monkeys and lots of other things I can’t remember. The little person told me that he liked the bears the most. I was not surprised by this. Our house is full of toy bears and there is a reason for this. Some time ago, De gave the tall person a small teddy bear as a gift. She called it Mike Bear because Mike is the tall person’s name. It has now become the tall person’s nickname and the little person always calls him that.

This is a picture of Mike Bear (the stuffed one)

The tall person also showed me a photo he took at the zoo. He said it reminded him of him and the little person. I think it’s very funny!

4 thoughts on “The Origin of Mike Bear

  1. Mumma fings I am imagining all the soft fings around the house are stuffies now that she has gived me one. So I could come & help you get that Mike Bear if you want.
    Mumma also finks that the script of your kind of writing on the sign looks very pretty. But very tricky to write!!

    Tail wags from Ruger the Doggie

    • It is very confusing Ruger. Some of the things we are allowed to touch look exactly the same as the things we are not allowed to touch! Yes, Georgian writing is difficult. I’m still learning the language!

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