The Nutcracker

From the title of this post you may have expected a review of a ballet. Sorry to disappoint. This post is about nuts and my role in the Georgian love affair with nuts and seeds.  I have noticed that Georgians eat lots of them, especially sunflower seeds. In almost every street you will find someone sitting on a stool, under the shade of a tree, selling sunflower seeds in small paper cones. If you sit down on a park bench the chances are you will find small piles of discarded shells of sunflower seeds nearby and many happy pigeons. Eating sunflower seeds is a national obsession for Georgians of all ages and Georgian pigeons and Mr. Parrot. Mr. Parrot likes them a lot.

I don’t like sunflower seeds – they are far too small to bother with – but I do love large hard shelled nuts, especially walnuts. There is a basket of walnuts in the toy room, which was another reason I wanted to gain access to that forbidden zone. De uses the nuts in cooking. I don’t eat them – I just love to crack them open.

I am the Nutcracker.

P.S. I am also quite nimble on my paws and if there ever was a dog ballet I would considering auditioning!

4 thoughts on “The Nutcracker

  1. Bongo agrees – he loves wale nuts, no matter if fresh from the trees or old ones, digged out of the ground from some forgotten squirrel’s or hamster’s hoard – he always finds them.

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