Not for the Squeamish!

When I was young I had two favourite toys. A monkey and a little walking donkey. Both belonged to the little person but he ‘donated’ them to me.

The monkey had a red bow tie (for a little while) and had a smiley face, which was nice. I loved him and chewed him a lot. Unfortunately, monkey was not very strong and the tall person confiscated him when his insides began to spill out. He said he would make him better but I never saw monkey again. I like to think he went back to the jungle.

My other favourite toy was a little walking donkey. It actually walked and made a noise. I was a little scared of it to begin with but soon realised that it wouldn’t bite back and I could easily knock it over. After that it was fair game. I discovered that it was good to chew and over time I dismembered that little walking donkey, piece by piece, until only the head was left. I’ve kept the head for sentimental reasons.  I often think of little walking donkey – he helped me much when I was teething.

Ah, memories of puppyhood………

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