Forget Where’s Wally – Where’s Bassa?

Here I am, on Mr. Parrot’s balcony. As I was good yesterday lovely De has allowed me into the toy room again. I am really enjoying it but can’t fully relax because I think I could be ordered out at any moment but as long as I’m good I should be okay.

I do admit to one small misdemeanour this morning. I ate one very small part of one of the plants that live on the balcony. I couldn’t stop myself. Fortunately, the tall person and not De, found it. He told me off and said I must be good or he will tell De and the toy room and Mr. Parrot’s balcony will become the forbidden zone again. I must fight my instincts!

Mr. Parrot’s balcony is much better than my balcony at the top of the stairs above the yard. It’s not as big but it has a great view of the street and I can see everyone and everything that passes by. The neighbourhood children wave at me and call my name, which is nice.

Can you see me on the balcony in the picture taken from the street?

I have decided to re-name Mr. Parrot’s balcony. I want it to be known as Bassa’s balcony. I shall put my proposal to the tall person and De later today. I hope they will agree!

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