A deal is a deal

Message for tall person. I have associated the word ‘come’ with something delicious to eat. That is the arrangement. On this occasion I have walked all this way for nothing. A pat on the head is lovely but no real substitute for a tasty treat. It’s not a deal breaker this time but try not to forget or I may replace the word ‘come’ with ‘wasting my precious time’.

4 thoughts on “A deal is a deal

  1. Treats are once-in-a-while-stuff, Bassa, or they must deduct the little munchies from your daily meals – I think, you would not appreciate? They feel better, if you come or sit, or lay down, or jump into the car even if just for caressing, you know? Nex time, they will feel guilty for not giving you a treat, when you did something extra-good, and probably there will be something special … you know: dried fish, porcs ears, dried paunch …

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